Services Offered

I. Computers
a. Desktops
i. Dell Optiplex 980
1. A fast, reliable PC that won’t slow down over time. This is a drop-in replacement for XP era machines, so you won’t have to buy a new monitor!
2. optiplexAd.jpg
b. Laptops
i. Dell E6220
1. A fast, reliable laptop that won’t slow down over time. 13” Screen perfect for those on the go!
ii. Dell E6420
1. A fast, reliable laptop that won’t slow down over time. 14” screen is the perfect medium sized for everyday use.
iii. Dell E6520
1. A fast, reliable laptop that won’t slow down over time. A big 15.6” screen is perfect for those with work to get done.
c. Gaming Computers
i. We tell you what to buy and assemble it for you. With 20+ years of experience, the next gaming PC you build will be your last!
d. Custom Orders
i. If we don’t have exactly what you need in stock, we can custom order exactly to your budget and needs.
II. Solid State Upgrade
a. Most computers purchased within the past 6 years are still great! With one upgrade your familiar computer can be revitalized to make it fast and reliable for years to come.
III. Virus Cleaning
a. Have annoying pop-ups, programs that won’t go away, or just think its time for a tune up? Here at Greene Computer, we can have most computers cleaned and back to you with in a day!
IV. Upgrade to Windows 10 from 7/8
a. Still on Windows 7 or 8? Your computer will only be supported for a little while longer. Bring it in to Greene Computer to get updated the latest Windows, professionally, so you can stay protected from everyday threats!
V. Web Design
a. Need a website? We design and deploy websites, all hosted locally in Coxsackie for the fastest speeds to your customers! We aren’t some faceless internet company, you can stop right in to discuss or plan your website!
VI. Custom Programming
a. Are you trying to get your business off of paper records? Do you need a custom solution to a problem and have been stunned by some online prices? Here at Greene Computer, we develop for your needs exactly, and at a reasonable price.
VII. Business Tech Support
a. Are your employee’s constantly having computer issues? Would you like someone you can call and get straight, easy to follow answers about every day PC problems? Greene Computer offers the exact level of support you need, from a few calls a month to on-site support.
VIII. Data Backup
a. Do you have pictures or documents on your computer that you just couldn’t lose? Let us back it up for you! We host all data right here, in Coxsackie, at our own databank. You can bring the computer right in for the initial transfer!
b. $10 per 100GB
IX. Computer Insurance
X. Cables
XI. Golf Simulator
a. $20 per hr per person